Written and Auditory Annotation of Literary Texts

In order to help our students develop their reading skills, we’ve identified several reading strategies that will aid students in their overall understanding and analysis of our literary texts. In reading The Ramayana, often students have problems identifying and distinguishing among characters because of the difficulty in pronouncing names. Also, there are new terms in the epic that are foreign to students, so in addition to the difficulty in pronunciation, there is a lack of understanding these terms. One of the reading strategies we use to help with these difficulties is annotating in their textbooks. This project, however, includes students creating audio annotations. In their OneNote notebooks, they will write a list of characters and terms, and describe and define each using one sentence. Then, using the pronunciation key in their Ramayana books, they will create an audio file in their notebooks using the audio recording option.
By recording and listening to their own voices, we believe this will help students retain more information about the plot of the story, identify more with the characters, and make thematic connections across the epic.
Expected student product: audio files containing the pronunciation and description of characters, terms, and chapter summaries.

A video of my instructions to the students:


By donnaeason

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