Essay Peer Review Recording Version

Analytical Essay Peer Review Instructions

Please send your partner a copy of your essay (in OneNote).  You can e-mail a page from your notebook.

When you receive your partner’s essay, read your partner’s essay carefully all the way through once.  Then go back and click on the “Insert” tag at the top of the page and find “Record Audio”.  Click on that and answer the following questions.  You will stop the recording when you finish, and e-mail a copy of the essay back to your partner.

General Questions

  • Does the writer use only 3rd person?
  • Are verbs in present tense?
  • Does the writer avoid phrases like “this quote shows/says/explains, etc”?


  • Does the introduction start out in an appropriate way?  How does the hook attract the reader’s attention?
  • Is the topic mentioned?
  • Are the title and author included?
  • Does it start out more generally and then move to the specific?  How?
  • What is the thesis?
  • Is the thesis the last sentence of your introduction?
  • Is the thesis highlighted or bold typed?
  • Is the language of the thesis effective?  In what way?
  • Is the thesis debatable and not just a statement of fact or observation?

Body Paragraph 1,2, and 3: 

  • How does the topic sentence connect to the thesis?
  • Does it connect to the sentence following it?  What transition terms are used to help the sentences flow?
  • Does the textual support actually connect to the thesis?
  • Is the text integrated into the writing smoothly?  No “here is a quote” or “this         quote             shows”. Please read one sentence from the paragraph that incorporates a quote well.
  • Is there correct parenthetical citation?  (Book(s), line(s))
  • Does the writer comment on the text to make it clear HOW this helps prove the       point and WHY it is included?
  • Has the writer avoided just retelling or summarizing the text?
  • Does the paragraph have a sense of conclusion?


  • Does the topic sentence of the conclusion effectively signal a conclusion?
  • Does the conclusion move from the more specific to the general? What is the first sentence in the conclusion?
  • Does the conclusion introduce some new aspect of the topic to consider? If so, what?

Grammar and Usage:  Help out the writer with any elements of grammar and usage you can.  Pay close attention to:

  • THREE examples of coordination (these should be highlighted or bold typed)
  • TWO sentence patterns (also highlighted or bold typed)
  • FOUR vocabulary words (highlighted or bold typed)

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